Malaysian PM on Banned Rally

The Malaysian Prime Minister speaks his mind.

Najib Razak, the Malaysian Prime Minister met with many of his supporters and fans in SK Sri Aman in Kampung Tok Nik on Saturday. He cheerfully announced that it was a clear sign that they were against the illegal assembly planned for the 9th of July and were only faithful to him and his party. He was quoted as saying: “If the attendance for a function organized in an opposition held state was so high, the support in states under Barisan Nasional Rule was certain to be greater still.”

As the crowds lionized him, Najib Razak spoke of how “Ambiga should not think herself so strong. We will not budge at all, fighting for the truth. We will keep our claws.” He further said that “the opposition leader S. Ambiga must realize that the people support the struggles and policies of Barisan and they do not side with the opposition and are against the assembly.”

Malaysia has seen conflict and a lot of finger-pointing between the government and the opposition. For now Najib Razak is still in power and he plans to keep it that way.