Qaddafi About to Quit

Libya may just get rid of its scourge.

Colonel Muammar Al-Qaddafi has ruled Libya since decades. It seemed he wasn’t going to give up so soon. But the times have definitely changed. With today’s democratic climate of greater freedom and the concomitant cry for human rights, such dictators are like dinosaurs in the age of mammals. It was heard through the grapevine that the Libyan leader has finally ceded to demands that he quit leading the country.

But how true this rumor is cannot be decided just yet. The western nations in the form of NATO have yet to decide whether to colonize Libya in the same manner as they did Iraq. This may seems lucrative but the ensuing pacification of the nation would scare the wits out of anyone be it the mighty west. Meanwhile, Qaddafi faces charges even if he does relinquish power.

When the leaders of a nation cannot handle their masses, it is high time for foreign intervention. Sincerity from someone else is better than hypocrisy from one’s own kind.

  • Rudi Mwongozi

    It was a disaster…and the person who wrote this article is a comsummate fool