OIC Declares “Decade of Action”

Kazakhstan is the site of an OIC meeting.

The Organization of Islamic Countries was renamed Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Members of many Islamic countries met in Astana, Kazakhstan to strengthen the bonds among the denizens of the Muslim World. The Secretary General of the enterprise called for a decade of action in countries such as Palestine, Libya and Syria. He spoke of how “unfortunately the Ummah still lacks – in certain parts –  the necessary internal cohesion, strength, solidarity.”

He also declared that “the Muslim World is going through a defining moment in its history.” Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the Secretary General, also said that “the OIC Charter and Ten Year Program of Action are guided by the principles of moderation and modernization.” He called for the member states to recognize the Palestinian state. Libya and Syria were also cause for concern.

The Muslim World has its series of problems and faces certain teething troubles in its progress. The fact that the different cultures that constitute the Islamic Polity are willing to sit down together and iron out any differences is a sign of hope and pride.