Israeli rabbi David Rosen: Israel has ‘responsibility’ for Palestinians

On Wednesday, an Israeli rabbi, David Rosen told a major Vatican conference of Catholic bishops on the Middle East that Israel has “a special responsibility” for its Palestinian neighbours.

David Rosen said, “The plight of Palestinians generally and Palestinian Christians in particular should be of profoundconcern to Jews both in Israel and the Diaspora”.

He said: “We have a special responsibility in particular for neighbours who suffer”.

David Rosen is an adviser to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and international director for interreligious affairs for the American Jewish Committee.

“This responsibility is even greater when suffering is born out of a conflict of which we are a part,” he added.

He also said there has been “a blessed transformation” in relations between the Jewish people and the Catholic Church.

He added that the Christians can be “blessed peacemakers” in Israel.

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