Hillary Lauds Islam’s Proud History

Hillary Clinton has commended Muslim scientific innovators.

The 1001 Inventions Exhibition kicked off in Los Angeles. The event was launched by Hillary Clinton who especially paid tribute to the Muslim inventors and discoverers who made such valuable contributions to the way the world runs today. Mentioned in particular were Fatima Al-Fahiri, who laid the basis of the world’s first modern university; and Al-Jazari who invented the crank which comes handy in every vehicle in use at present.

Clinton was quoted as saying, “the Muslim World has a proud history of innovators.” The Chairman of the Exhibition, Salim Al-Hassani commented how, “We are honored with the speech of Secretary Clinton on the launch ceremony of our exhibition.”  More than a million people have visited the exhibition and so far the response is positive. It will help build bridges between different communities on the foundation of common inventions used in them all.

The period of history from the 7th to the 17th century was called the “Dark Ages” as a misnomer. In fact they were a dark age for the west and not for Islam which flourished during this period.