West Sees Iranian Threat

Is Iran really that much of a threat in the region?

Like “the boy who cried wolf” the western powers including Israel have time after time raised alarm bells regarding Iran and its nuclear program. Washington and Tel Aviv hold firmly to the unfounded belief that Iran plans to make a nuclear weapon and will not desist from using it against Israel. But maybe a conquered or peaceful Iran is not acceptable to these powers. Rather what they want is to keep up the view of an Iran that is a threat.

There is talk of how between June and September of this year there will be attacks on Iran. Of course the fact that these attacks will be delayed like several such previous threats only confirms the hypothesis that the west is a paper tiger. The role of the United States as a global policeman that seeks to bring about civilization everywhere (that includes Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya so why not Iran?) is the real threat.

This high handedness will only make cultures like Iran reactive. Better to let them continue in their path of self-development rather than unnecessarily interfere.