Iran to Send Monkey into Space

The Islamic Republic of Iran has its space program.

Other animals have been previously sent into orbit around the earth. These included a rat, turtles and worms. But now Iran is all set to send a monkey into outer space. The planning has been finalized for this summer if the information from a top official in the space program is to be believed. The Kavoshgar-5 Rocket will be launched with a capsule containing a live monkey.

President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has approved the launching of a monkey by 2012 as a preliminary step before the final launch of a human being in 2020. Iran has launched satellites before. With an achievement-oriented space program, Iran is progressing in the scientific department. But the Western nations look on with grave apprehensions.

The West fears that these satellites may one day be used to strike key areas of the globe with nuclear warheads. However, Iranian officials deny this as hearsay and rumor since in their words the space program is for peaceful purposes only.

  • Gastronaut

    I didn’t realise President Amedinejad was an astronaut.

  • Sophie

    Why can’t they send humans like other countries.  What a primative approach they have and heartless one too.  They need human volunteers.