Indonesia Witnesses Parkour

Agile, slim and fit Indonesians deal with an urban environment.

You may have seen them and have been puzzled as to what exactly they seek to accomplish by their acts. Highly flexible and speedy people go whizzing past you and jump, bounce and roll over objects and obstacles in the environment. Welcome to Parkour, a new game and whole different philosophy of life. Its practitioners have the skills of their feline counterparts and they often jump off buildings onto other buildings and literally use the urban landscape for their own ends.

Indonesia too has its fair share of Parkour experts. And they are very good at what they do. Parkour is basically a French art in which the urban landscape is thought of as a jungle where people can practice their physical skills. In large cities such as Jakarta this exciting practice is very common. Just looking around one can notice so many devotees of this thrilling and at the same time dangerous sport.

With increasingly sedentary habits spreading on a global level it only makes sense to beat the obesity epidemic. Parkour is an excellent as well as fun way to do this without a gym or special equipment.