Jakarta Celebrates Half Century History

The Indonesian capital city is almost 500 years old.

The city of Jakarta is exactly 484 years old and it fares well with its inhabitants. Every city of the world has a history behind it. And Jakarta is no exception. In the words of the Governor, Fauzi Bowo “the face of Jakarta is not too bad seeing that the city is celebrating its 484th anniversary.” More than half of Jakartans were fully satisfied with their city and the amenities it provided them.

As for the remaining minority the only thing which could be rightfully said is that you can’t satisfy them all. The celebrations for the 484th anniversary took place at the National Monument Complex on Wednesday. People enjoyed the occasion with gusto and delight. The Governor further reiterated that improvements will be made in the city’s working. Traffic bottlenecks and floods are two of the major problems that remain to be solved.

Cities are signs of civilization. Jakarta too will take its place among the modern cities of the globe as the world progresses towards the 22nd century.

  • Richard

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