Google Maps Product is all set to be launched in China, but there’s a slighthitch. A license is needed before it can be fully operational.

Google has already gained world-wide fame due to the services it provides the world’scomputer-literate elite. But recently it tried to extend its domain by applying for a license to operate in China. This is necessary for it to carry on its work in a country or ratherempire known for its strictness and social control. China is one of the few places in theworld to resist full-fledged democracy and a free enterprise system.

The requirements as well as rules and regulations have been relaxed by the Chineseauthorities for the simple reason that the world runs on cooperation. The internationalscenario runs on interlocking interests. The Chinese are however still a little tentativebefore taking the plunge. They are hesitating before the final “yes.” Most of this isinsider stuff and the actual results of the negotiations have yet to see the light of day.

The concerned authorities when questioned refused to answer. It will take some timebefore most of this is finalized. The bureaucratic rigmarole will have to be seen to.Google left the playing field in China last year after it refused to censor search results.Besides this there was also a hacking incident which proved rather embarrassing. Thecensorship policies of the draconian Chinese regime have made life difficult for mostChinese who can see via the media what goes on in the world.

For one thing Gmail is not allowed in China. Nor is YouTube. Both are a bit too muchfor the strait-jacketed Chinese. With communication and contacts come worldliness andliberality. And while the first is welcome, the second one is not. The emergence of Chinaand the Chinese people from their shell is something about which nothing could be saidwith surety. The only certainty is that with the passage of time it will be a possibility.