Google’s Billionth User

Google is the search engine par excellence. Now it has over a billion users world-wide which make it more popular than ever.

Google is the king of search engines with a globally spanning influence. In May of the year 2011 it reached the one billionth mark thereby marking a world record in number of consumers/users. The second most popular search engine was Microsoft. Then there isYahoo and the rest. By the way, Yahoo was overtaken recently by Facebook. The tussle of these titans of cyberspace is so tough a game that the ordinary man has no place in them.

Microsoft has 905 million users who are satisfied with its operations. Yahoo mean while in the capacity of the third favorite has 689 million users. The competition is closeand the stakes are high. The web pages and SEO deals are up for grabs in the greatest show on earth. The cyber-economic pie is divided between these three or four giants. Furthermore, over 25% of the corporate world works online in these times.

ComScore makes a tally of the publishers of web content and it receives results from more than 90 of the 100 web publishers. Google however does not give any results to ComScore. When asked to comment the company executives declined to comment. This might be a symptom of too high a regard of oneself. Whatever the case ComScore is doing its job of recording the scores for all to view.

In 2006 Google had more than 500 million users who avidly and regularly approached Google for their browsing and surfing needs. But by 2011 the rate has more than doubled leading up to the coveted one billionth mark. Back in 2006 Microsoft was top cat with 539 million users. But now it has been overtaken by Google and the heat is on. The infowars have led to a scenario where uneasy is the head that wears the crown. For one never knows till when the king will be king. Any moment he could be toppled!