Eid Celebrations In Pakistan

Like every other Muslim Country Eid is one of the most important festival in Pakistan. They celebrate it with extreme enthusiasm and joy. So lets have a look on the traditional way of celebrating eid in Pakistan with all the vibrant colours of their beautiful culture.

1.Chaand Raat ( The night before Eid ):
Chaand Raat is one of  the most important night for Pakistanis. ‘Chaand’ and ‘Raat’ are urdu words meaning moon and night respectively. Chaand raat is the night when the whole family get together at their family house to prepare for the big day ahead.
Male members of the family usually take their famales to markets to shop for churiyaan(glass bangles) and mehndi (hina).

2.Churiyaan (glass bangles) and Mehndi (hina):
Churiyaan and Mehndi are the essential part of eid celebration for females. With their bright and striking colours and beautiful designs churiyaan are the perfect accessory to go along with the traditional dresses.  Lovely mehndi designs also complete the classic traditional look. Churiyaan and mehndi have become more and more glamorous and modern with time. Now a days churiyaan are decorated with  glitter,beads and diamantes and mehndi is beautified with glitter and tiny sequins.

3. Eid Prayer:
As throughout the Muslim world the day of Eid is started with Eid prayers, so same goes wth Pakistan. After eid prayer people greet eachother by saying “Eid Mubarak” and share a hug. Then at returning to their homes the first thing the do is eat something sweet, which is usually a sweet dish called  ‘sheerkhurma’  the main ingredients of which are ‘sawaiyaan’ ( thread thin noodles) , sugar, milk, dry dates and dry fruits etc.

4. Traditional dressing on eid:
On eid women wear traditional dresses like Shalwar kameez, choridaar pajamas, anarkalis accessorised with choriyan, jewellery and mehndi etc. Men mostly prefer wearing white kurtas. In foot wear there are many kind of pakistani traditional shoes such as kolapuri chappals, khussa, Peshawari chappal etc which are usually worn by people.

5. Food:
In almost every house women make severel dishes like Biryani, korma, kharhai, kababs etc.
In desserts SheerKhurma is a must. Plus many other traditional mithais i.e sweets are also eaten.

6.Families get together:
Families get together to exchange greetings, eid gifts, sweets and cakes. Elderly members of family give eidi (eid gift) to the young in form of money.

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