Egypt: 55 Sudanese arrested who were heading to Israel


Fifty-five Sudanese migrants hidden in a container on a truck heading into the Sinai region were found by Egyptian police, where they planned to get across the border into Israel, security sources said on Sunday.

the sources said, that the migrants, forty men, 9 women and 6 children of age as young as four, were arrested at a checkpoint near the entranceway to a tunnel under the Suez Canal separating Sinai from the rest of Egypt.

The police was told by the driver that he had smuggled them from a mountainous area in Egypt’s eastern Red Sea region after coming to a deal with a people trafficker in Sinai.

The sources said, the migrants were fatigued after 3 days on the road and the children were taken to a hospital in the city of Suez.

The route via Sinai to Israel is a usual target for African migrants fleeing poverty or conflict and seeking work or refuge in Israel.

At least thirty-four migrants have been shot dead this year trying to cross the heavily-guarded Egyptian border with Israel, up from nineteen last year.