European Parliament President Expected in Tunisia

Tunisia welcomes the unexpected arrival of a distinguished visitor. Jerzy Buzek, the President of the European Parliament, spoke of how he would soon be visiting Tunisia not to mention Egypt. The express purpose of the visit was to confirm the European Community’s full support of the wave of democratization that was sweeping the region of […]

The Fate of Bahrain’s Protesters

Bahrain is to present its protesters in civilian courts. The anti-government and pro-Shiite protests in Bahrain were crushed with the help of Saudi forces from across the Causeway. And the West turned a blind eye towards this injustice. Until now the protesters had been brought before military tribunals but this has just abruptly been stopped. […]

Confrontation between Police and Youth

Egypt witnesses clashes in which 1000 people are hurt. Skirmishes took place overnight in Egypt as police fired tear gas at protesters which included a majority of youth. Over 1000 people were severely injured including 40 policemen. The whole incident began when the family members of people killed during the toppling of Hosni Mubarak’s corrupt […]

OIC Declares “Decade of Action”

Kazakhstan is the site of an OIC meeting. The Organization of Islamic Countries was renamed Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Members of many Islamic countries met in Astana, Kazakhstan to strengthen the bonds among the denizens of the Muslim World. The Secretary General of the enterprise called for a decade of action in countries such as […]