Google’s Billionth User

Google is the search engine par excellence. Now it has over a billion users world-wide which make it more popular than ever. Google is the king of search engines with a globally spanning influence. In May of the year 2011 it reached the one billionth mark thereby marking a world record in number of consumers/users. […]


Google Maps Product is all set to be launched in China, but there’s a slighthitch. A license is needed before it can be fully operational. Google has already gained world-wide fame due to the services it provides the world’scomputer-literate elite. But recently it tried to extend its domain by applying for a license to operate […]

Skype Solution On the Way

The communication tool has a remedy. Skype has always been a boon and a blessing but that was until December of last year when things began to go wrong. The fact that many innocent users encountered trouble downloading the version that appeared on their computer screens was a source of embarrassment for the owner. This […]

RIM Takes Over Scoreloop

The latest addition to Research in Motion. Research in Motion (RIM) has just acquired Scoreloop, the social gaming company. This bodes well for the times ahead since mobile game developers can now add more features to their games. According to the blog owned by RIM: “Scoreloop will be bringing its expertise in creating social and […]

Chinese hackers infiltrated Gmail accounts of U.S. officials

  On Wednesday, Google said in a blog post that U.S. government officials were the target of a recent Gmail phishing attack launched by Chinese hackers. The hackers are believed to have been able to monitor the accounts of hundreds of people, including U.S. government officials, Chinese political activists, officials from several Asian countries, military […]