Indonesia Witnesses Parkour

Agile, slim and fit Indonesians deal with an urban environment. You may have seen them and have been puzzled as to what exactly they seek to accomplish by their acts. Highly flexible and speedy people go whizzing past you and jump, bounce and roll over objects and obstacles in the environment. Welcome to Parkour, a […]

Saudi Art on Display

The Saudi Pavilion in Venice attracts visitors. As you enter the scene there is a black arch in the posterior of which are visions and reflections from both the Orient and the Occident. This is what you get to gaze at in all its splendor as you enter the Saudi Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. […]

GCC Games in Bahrain

The schedule for sports lovers hasn’t changed. While justice can be delayed it cannot be denied. All players and aficionados in the Arab Kingdom of Bahrain will be glad to know that despite a break in the usual timing set for the GCC Games, they will still be held in October. Better late than never […]

UAE Teens are Big Spenders

The average UAE teenager is a shopaholic. Gone are the days when people used to save their money for hard times ahead. Nowadays, its consumption that counts. And when it comes to “conspicuous consumption”, that interesting phrase coined by Thorstein Veblen, the United Arab Emirates tops the list. In an exhaustive survey made by AMRB […]