Afghanistan: District chief killed in Militant attack

Tuesday, 9 November : In eastern Afghanistan militants killed a local government official & exploded a bomb ahead of a police station in the northwest, injuring 9 civilians. A spokesman for Paktia province, Rohullah Samon said, that the chief of Shewak district died after his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. In Badghis province […]

2 million People to perform Haj this year

On Saturday, Fouad Al-Farsy, the Haj Minister said that about 1.75 million foreign pilgrims would participate in Haj this year, and they would be joined by some 250,000 faithful from within the Saudi Arabia. The minister said the government would follow up more projects for the benefit of pilgrims, talking to reporters after opening a […]

Five Pillars of Islam

1. Shahadah (Testimony of Faith) Shahadah is the first pillar of Islam. It means to believe and declare the faith by saying the Shahadah (lit. ‘witness’), known as the Kalimah. 2. Salah (Daily Ritual Prayers) Salah (prayer) is the second pillar of Islam. Prayer is obligatory and must be performed five times a day. These […]

Meaning of the word Islam

Praise be to Allaah. If you search in Arabic language dictionaries you will find out that the meaning of the word Islam is: submission, humbling oneself, and obeying commands and heeding prohibitions without objection, sincerely worshipping Allaah alone, believing what He tells us and having faith in Him. The word Islam has become the name […]