Saudi Arabia bans smoking at airports

The Crown Prince Sultan bin abdulaziz al saud, deputy premier and minister of defense and aviation and chairman of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), approved ban on smoking inside all Saudi airports and a SR200 fine for violators on monday. President of GACA, Abdullah Al-Rahimi, said the new rule has been developed by […]

Saudi medical expert wants new fatwa on brain dead

Dr. Abdullah A. Abdulgader who is a leading Saudi medical expert and is known in the global scientific community for his pioneering research in cardiology and is also the director of the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Al-Hasa. He has called on the Islamic scholars of Saudi Arabia to revise their ruling on terminating the life […]

Migraine and Sinus Often Go Together

New research shows that migraines are quite common among patients with sinus headache. Symptoms in sinus area are often reported during migraine attacks, but are not considered in making a diagnosis. This was reported in the ‘Archives of Internal Medicine’ by Dr. Mary S. Richardson, of GlaxoSmithKline, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and her colleagues. […]

Pakistan flood victims to be assisted by 30 Saudi doctors

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Another Saudi medical team consisting of 30 Saudi doctors arrived in Pakistan on Wednesday, in continuation of the arrival of medical and relief teams from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help their brothers affected by the floods and provide them medical services and relief assistance. The team was received by HE the […]

Watercress helps prevent breast cancer

According to a new research breast cancer can be prevented by eating watercress every day. University of Southampton Researchers say that the vitamin-packed salad vegetable may provide one of the first natural defences against the disease. They found that a cereal bowl-sized serving of the superfood activates changes in blood cells that hindered tumour formation. […]