Unrest in Bahrain

Bahrain once again erupts in protests. Just two days after the lifting of a martial law, Bahrain saw protesters come out on the streets to cause a commotion. Police were called in and they fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd. Bahrain has a unique situation where the ruler is a Sunni while […]

Saleh Wounded in Attack

Ali Abdullah Saleh escapes with his life intact. The Yemeni Premier was lightly wounded in an attack with mortar shells on his compound in Sanaa. The dissidents which include the Ahmar Tribe have really done it this time. Ali Abdullah Saleh along with a few other officials were wounded when shells struck a mosque in […]

Egypt Denies Al-Qaeda Link

Egypt is not a base for Al-Qaeda. After Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, accused Egypt of aiding Al-Qaeda terrorists, the Egyptian authorities vehemently denied this. In the words of National Security Chief, Hamed Abdullah, “There are no members of the AL-Qaeda organization in Egypt. What has been said is baseless.” Israel has reasons to be […]