Eleven Killed in Tunisia

Eleven die in clashes between rival groups. Antagonistic forces met face to face and the ensuing violence claimed 11 lives. Tunisia is the setting for the mining town of Metlaoui where stores were looted and shops were set on fire. The fighting took place with the use of bombs, guns and iron bars. The controversy […]

Ahmadinejad Appoints Caretaker

The Iranian Premier assigns a deputy. After much debate, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian Head of State has appointed a caretaker for the Oil Ministry. The chosen man is Mohammad Aliabadi. 165 of the 198 members of parliament supported this decision. Previously, Ahmadinejad had taken over the Oil Ministry which proved to be an unpopular decision. […]

Pakistan’s Western Border Unsafe

The Afghan border is being infiltrated by insurgents. Pakistan is fighting a losing battle with militants. Ever since the war on terror, suicide bombers and dissident elements have plagued Pakistani society. Islamabad has stepped up action on all fronts to end this menace but the guerrilla nature of the enemy makes eradicating the scourge a […]

Egypt Closes Gaza Strip Crossing

The Egyptians block the border crossing to Israel. After a month of opening the Gaza Strip crossing, through which many Palestinians migrated, Egypt has finally closed it. This has angered many people who had come with the expectation of crossing it. Belligerent Palestinians gathered in crowds at the crossing. Israel would probably be happy at […]