The Fate of Bahrain’s Protesters

Bahrain is to present its protesters in civilian courts.

The anti-government and pro-Shiite protests in Bahrain were crushed with the help of Saudi forces from across the Causeway. And the West turned a blind eye towards this injustice. Until now the protesters had been brought before military tribunals but this has just abruptly been stopped. Now they are being presented before civilian courts. This decision has come along with a softening in the government’s stance.

The government is Sunni but the majority of people living in Bahrain are Shiite. This is where essential differences arose. Now the government wants to negotiate or at least talk things over with the opposition. The King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has set up an independent commission which will investigate rumors of human rights abuses during the government crackdown on protesters.

Special files will be looked into and the defendants will be allowed to secretly meet with witnesses. The government has declared that few other governing agencies have ever gone into the causes of riots.