GCC Games in Bahrain

The schedule for sports lovers hasn’t changed.

While justice can be delayed it cannot be denied. All players and aficionados in the Arab Kingdom of Bahrain will be glad to know that despite a break in the usual timing set for the GCC Games, they will still be held in October. Better late than never as the saying goes. And this is just the first round of games. More is in store. The Gulf Cooperation Council Games were offset by six months after anti-government riots but now that matters are in control they are to proceed as according to plan.

The exact timing is from the 11th to the 22nd of October,2011. Over 1500 seasoned athletes will take part in the games. Besides the indigenous sportsmen from Bahrain, they will hail from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait Oman and the UAE. The competition will take place in 11 sports which will include basketball, athletics and cycling. Ten venues have been especially selected for the action to unfold.

Originally the games along with the Grand Prix were scheduled for April but the anti-government protests forced the authorities to call them off. But now that the dust has settled the slogan is to let the games begin.