Al Qaeda Leader Dramatically Caught

A senior member of Al Qaeda is caught while cross-dressing.

Afghanistan has seen much civil strife since the Taliban went into hiding. Terror being a weapon of the weak has been used on and off by this cruel and extremist faction. Recently a top official of Al Qaeda was caught red-handed while dressed in female garb. This is a ploy often used by members of the terrorist organization. A joint Afghan and Coalition force captured the senior militant along with two of his comrades who belonged to the Movement of Uzbekistan.

They had planned attacks against the Afghan Police and Security Forces. Responsible for various suicide bombings and acts of sabotage against authorities, the group of three also had links with a Taliban network. NATO refused to disclose the names of the trio. There have been previous attempts at avoiding the Afghan National Forces by wearing the “burqa” a loose cloth covering for Muslim females.

When groups like Al Qaeda resort to extreme tactics like these they bring the traditions of the rest of the world’s moderate Muslims into disrepute. Events such as these will obviously lead to suspicion against law-abiding females just because they happen to be wearing “burqas.”